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Knowledge Powers People

Wester Academy is an international network of professionals with commitment and passion to work with their clients to achieve personal and company goals through customized training, coaching and in company performance programs, making use of modern learning technology and the latest insights on effective learning strategies.

Willem Wester Founder Wester Academy


Filling the Sales Funnel!
Wester Academy is a sales driven organization. We believe that success comes from identifying the right activities and being pro-active in the execution of these activities. So, what is your current position? Who is undertaking what? The only good reaction to a passive market is become pro-active in sales. Wester Academy has different trainings for different competencies but in essence they are driven by the activities that lead to a full sales funnel. For more information on Soul Selling click here ...


Effective Coaching

'Sometimes what counts can't be counted and what can be counted doesn't count.'
Albert Einstein

If sales is about performing the right activities, then management is about motivation, measurement and setting the direction. A successful manager adds ‘extra magic’ to these aspects. The elements that cannot be counted, but create the right chemistry for success. Wester Academy can support organizations and their management teams to create the strategy for success. For more information in our management program click here ...


Developing an Internet Marketing Strategy

The marketing profession is changing rapidly! Internet, social media that result in customers who are better informed and prices that are more transparent! Being an entrepreneur or managing the marketing department means that you need to find answers and strategies to address these new developments. In the market there are many organizations that have developed different solutions to the challenges. Wester Academy wants to add strategy development to all these operational solutions. We want to support you to make the right choices with help of a clear strategy. With the right plan it will be easier to invest into solutions that will advance your company in the competitive market. For more information on our marketing program click here…